Our Range of Infrared Heating Panels

Our new Aztec Infrared Panels are available in Ceramic or Powder Coated finish. All models come with brackets for wall mounting. The Ceramic and Powder Coated panels are equipped with a dual-control thermostat which allows each room to be set to the desired temperature.


Powder Coated - 400W


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Powder Coated - 700W


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Powder Coated - 1000W


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Ceramic - 500W


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Ceramic - 550W


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Ceramic - 1000W


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Ceramic - 500W


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Ceramic - 1000W


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Ceramic Towel - 250W


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Ceramic Towel - 300W


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Ceramic Towel - 400W


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Aztec Infrared Panels

Aztec Infrared Panels are available in Ceramic or Powder Coated finish.

(All models come with brackets for wall mounting.)

The Ceramic and Powder Coated panels are equipped with a dual-control thermostat

which allows each room to be set to the desired temperature. For optimum output we recommend the panel surface temperature be set to the maximum mode of 95°C, however surface temperature of the panel can also be limited if required for safety.

Heating From Just 13.6p per hour

With the frightening raises in energy prices since the summer of 2021 more and more people are looking at alternative ways to heat their homes. Modern stylish Infrared Heating Panels can provide a complete heating system for your home or just a few panels strategically placed to supplement your current heating system. With running costs starting at just 13.6p an hour compared to minimum of£2.40 an hour to run your gas central heating, the addition of Infrared Heating Panels could be a very wise investment, especially for those working from home or are house bound for whatever reason.

Solar PV

Because Infrared Heating Panels require far less energy to run than other forms of electric heating, they are perfect accompaniment to Solar PV, by reducing the running costs down to Zero in some cases.

Infrared Heating Panels are now one of the main heating source house builders are using to build Carbon Zero homes. Legislation on burning harmful fossil fuels takes affect over the next few years, we will all be going down the path of some form of renewable heat source. Infrared Heating Panels, Solar and Battery storage, will be at the forefront of this major change.


What is Infrared Heating?

Infrared Heating Panels are:

  • Cheap to run

  • Cheap to install

  • Virtually no maintenance costs

  • Stylish and Modern

  • Instance heat when turned on

  • Substantial Health Benefits

Infrared Heating Panels


Infrared Heating Panels heat objects and not air. Your traditional heating system will heat the air surrounding the heater and in turn this will heat everything in that room including people.

Infrared is different and works on the principle of light that will heat everything in the direct path of the panel. If you imagine your Infrared Panel as a torch, everything it can see in that room will be heated.


The best placement for the Infrared Panels is either on the wall or the ceiling. If you can see the panel, you will be warm, if the panel is behind the couch or any other obstruction then only these objects will be heated.

Infrared waves work on radiant heat a bit like the sun. If you can see the sun, you will feel the heat, if you go into the shade, you won’t.

Cheap to Run:

As from October 2022 the governments price capped energy prices are:

  • Gas 10p per kWh

  • Electric 34p per kWh

What does this mean?

Without going to deep this is basically how it works.

Energy (gas & electric) is measured in what is called a kilowatt hour (kWh) For example - A one kW hair dryer would use one kWh of energy if it was on for 60 minutes, with the current electricity price of 34p this would be (1 hour x 34p = 34p)

  • Running a 1 kW (1,000w) Infrared Heating Panel for an hour would cost 34p

  • Running a half kW (500w) Infrared Heating Panel for an hour would cost 17p

  • Running a 400w Infrared Heating Panel for an hour would cost 13.6p

Gas is measured in the same way. Using kW and kWh, you can work out how much gas your boiler is using and therefore how much it costs.

A 24kW gas boiler will use 24 kWh of energy per hour

Using the new gas rate from October 2022 of 10p per kWh.

24kWh x 10p = £2.40 per hour to run.

Larger gas boilers 28kWh, 35kWH, 40kWh will use more and cost more than the example shown.

If you run your 24kWh gas boiler central heating system for 10 hours a day, it will cost you £24.

Gas Boiler running costs based on 10 hours a day (24kWh boiler)

  • 1 day = £24

  • 1 week = £240

  • 1 month = £720

Infrared Heating Panels start at just 13.6p per hour

If this heater was turned on for 10 hours a day, it would only cost £1.36

If you had 5 of these running for 10 hours a day, it would still only be £6.80 per day

Solar Panels and Battery Storage:

Adding Solar panels and battery storage would enable your home to be heated for virtually nothing and at the same time massively reducing your Carbon Footprint.


Cheap to install

Because they are low wattage, there are no special requirements needed to install your Infrared Heating Panels, you can simply plug them into a plug socket.

All units come with fixings so the can be mounted on the wall or ceiling to find the best position for maximum efficiency. Your local electrician would be able to fit several panels within a few hours.


Virtually no maintenance costs:

Once installed your Infrared Panel Heaters should last for around 30 years with virtually no maintenance costs like a gas boiler.

Traditional boilers and heat pumps will require a service every 12 months to ensure they are safe and working to their maximum efficiency. This is not required with Infrared Heating Panels.

Stylish and Modern:

Today’s Infrared Heating Panels are both stylish and very modern looking, they come in all different designs from your normal slimline white panel heater to panels fitted behind a canvass of your choice and mirror panels of all shapes and sizes.

They can be free-standing, wall mounted, or ceiling mounted.

All panel can be operated remotely with the use of Bluetooth heating controls or an App on your mobile phone.


Instant heat when turned on:

Because Infrared Panels use radiant heat you start feeling the benefits as soon as they are turned on, no waiting for the water to get hot and start pumping around the house to the radiators with a traditional central heating system. Turn them one and feel the warmth just like when the sun comes out.

Healthy Heating 100% safe technology:

Health Benefits of Infrared Panel Heating

  • Humidity levels don’t change so no condensation or mould formation

  • Infrared heating panels don’t create air and dust circulation

  • Can improve blood circulation and normalise blood pressure, reduce pain and fatigue


Infrared Heating Panels do not change the air temperature, so there’s no colliding with cold surfaces.

A traditional heating system can create condensation when warm air meets cold objects like uninsulated walls etc. As we know condensation breeds mould, and mould spores represent a serious health risk. Preventing or reducing dampness and mould will in general be a far healthier environment for those suffering from allergies or are affected by dampness.

Dust & Bacteria

Because Infrared Heating Panels are not circulating air, no dust or bacteria are circulating around the home that can happen with a convection heating system. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from asthma and respiratory conditions.


It’s a proven fact that a well-ventilated home is far healthier than a stuffy home with stale air. Another health benefit of Infrared Heating Panels is you can have your windows open when it’s cold outside because, radiant heat does not use the surrounding air to transmit heat. Ventilating your home will improve the air quality and with Infrared Heating Panels you will still feel warm

Blood Circulation

Infrared Heating Panels can help blood vessels expand as the warmth penetrates your skin. This improves blood circulation and can even lower high blood pressure.

WiFi Controlled

Each panel is supplied with a smart plug enabling remote activation via WIFI using a smartphone app enabling users to set each room temperature individually.

The panels come with a bracket for wall mounting, but it is also possible to purchase wheels for

freestanding on the floor.

Towel Rails

The infrared Ceramic Towel Rails are suitable for bathrooms. They come complete with a smart plug enabling remote activation via WIFI using a smartphone app.