Can Your Business Survive a 400%
rise in Electricity Prices?

Using renewable energy from the sun, even on the dullest days, solar panels will be constantly providing you with energy, which means that you can enjoy a sustainable and cheap source of power for your business.

The great thing about solar PV cells is that they don't need bright sunlight to work.
They just require light and can produce electricity even on a cloudy day - which is great news here in the UK.

Every piece of equipment we install is directly sourced to meet the highest standards of quality to ensure maximum return from the technology.

Renewable energy systems and equipment are unique technology that require specialist knowledge.
Our installers have the experience and knowledge to safely and efficiently complete projects.

Taking all factors into account such as annual energy consumption, available property space and grid connectivity.

Our installers have the ability to create a tailored renewable energy system to suit your situation.

Businesses coming off their fixed tariff rates are seeing an average 400% increase in their cost of electricity.

Example 1] A Snooker Club in East Lancashire was paying 17p per kWh - that has now gone up to 64p per kWh

Example 2] A Meat Packing Plant in Lancashire was paying 24p per Kwh that has just jumped up to massive 96p per kWh

These extra costs come straight off the bottom line and that could mean the difference to surviving in business or closing down!

Help Is Avaiable

We offer a variety of solutions to substantially reduce your current electricity costs with the installation or solar panels.

Please contact us now for more details and to establish if your business qualifies for 100% funding.

Call: 01282965689

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Carbon Neutral by 2050

Land solar

All applications are subject to DNO and planning approval

Landowners, do you have spare land that you would like to receive an annual income from?

We are looking for a minimum of one acre of land to install solar panels on and, in return we will pay you a yearly income for the lease.

The lease must be for a minimum of 20/25 years.

Explore the many benefits of hosting solar projects on your land. Our team can quickly evaluate and determine if your land is suitable for solar development.

The installation company maintain everything within the lease boundary, and you will receive an annual lease payment for allowing them to operate the solar project on your property. Payments for the rent of the land begin as soon as the contract is created and agreed even if the installation hasn't begun.

You can earn a rental fee of up to £2,500 pa (index linked) per acre, for the term of the agreement.

The land could be:

  • Unused Farmland
  • Brownfield Sites
  • Landfill Sites
  • Contaminated Land
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Carbon Neutral by 2050

Commercial Rooftop Solar

All applications are subject to DNO and planning approval.

Have you been thinking about solar panels for your business?

A commercial solar panel installation will reduce the cost of your daytime electricity by up to 70% and reduce your carbon footprint to improve your green credentials at absolutely no cost to you with a PPA.

If you are a business wanting to start your own pathway to Net Zero, we will help you decide on the most suitable rooftop solution to generate enough daytime electricity to run your business efficiently at a much lower cost.

Commercial Rooftop Solar can be installed on.

  • Schools and universities
  • Businesses
  • Government buildings
  • Manufacturing
  • Care homes

Please note: We can offer a paid model with various financial options that is not linked to a PPA and will always be cash positive for your business.

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Carbon Neutral by 2050

Car Park Canopy Solar

All applications are subject to DNO and planning approval.

Parking Canopies with solar are great if you have outdoor parking space available. Parking canopies provide clean green energy whilst also keeping the cars out of the direct sunlight and protected from the elements. Solar car ports are ground mounted canopy installations that stretch out over the car parking spaces.

The canopy roof area is slightly tilted and offers a perfect platform for solar panels to be seamlessly mounted. Which also adds to the aesthetics of the structure

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Carbon Neutral by 2050

100% Renewable Electricity Transfer

All applications are subject to DNO and planning approval.

Through AI technology we can now source and deliver 100% renewable electricity into your business at competitive rates.

As the government pushes towards Carbon Net Zero - businesses will have to report on what measure they are taking to reduce their carbon out-put.

For most businesses this will require significant financial investment. (Unless you install solar with the aid of a PPA)

100% Renewable Electricity Transfer is the solution.

  • No cost to the company
  • Satisfies Carbon Reduction reporting requirements.
  • Simple switch over when your current Electricity fixed contract ends.
  • Fix rates to safeguard against price rises.
  • Green credentials you can display on your website and marketing material.
  • Edge over your competitors who are fossil fuel dependant.
  • Quick switching over with no hassle.
  • Very competitive tariffs, (Probably less than your current electricity rates)

To start the process of switching your business over to 100% Renewable Electricity, simply call our office on 01282 965689 or send an email to

Book a call with our CEO who will explain in detail how you can become greener overnight at no cost.

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Carbon Neutral by 2050

Energy Mis-selling Claims

All applications are subject to DNO and planning approval.

No Win No Fee

Energy Companies have set-aside £Billion to cover mis-selling claims.

If your business has used an energy broker over the last 20 years you could be entitled to claim back a percent of what you paid

1. False Promises: Energy mis-selling involves making deceptive promises to consumers, such as guaranteeing significant savings without proper evidence or offering misleading information about tariffs.

2. Hidden Costs: Mis-selling may include failure to disclose hidden costs, additional fees, or penalties associated with switching energy providers or signing up for specific energy plans.

3. Pressure Tactics: Some unscrupulous energy sellers may employ aggressive sales tactics, pressuring consumers into making quick decisions without fully understanding the terms and conditions of the energy contract.

4. Inadequate Information: Mis-selling occurs when consumers are not provided with sufficient information about the energy product or plan, preventing them from making informed choices that align with their energy needs.

5. Breach of Regulations: Mis-selling energy claims often involves violations of industry regulations and consumer protection laws, putting consumers at a disadvantage and eroding trust in the energy market.

To start the process of switching your business over to 100% Renewable Electricity, simply call our office at 01282 965689 or send an email to

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No win - No fee


Risk Mitigation: When a solicitor works on a "no win no fee" basis, they are motivated to succeed in the claim since their payment depends on the outcome. This aligns the interests of the claimant and the solicitor, encouraging the solicitor to invest time and effort in building a strong case.

Legal Expertise: By hiring a third-party solicitor, claimants benefit from the knowledge and experience of legal professionals who specialize in handling similar claims. This increases the chances of a successful outcome since the solicitor knows how to navigate the legal process and present a compelling case.

To start the claims process, simply call our office at 01282 965689 or send an email to

What DNO means?

Your distribution network operator (DNO) is the company that owns and operates the power lines and infrastructure that connect our network to your property.

The Distribution Network Operators are licensed to distribute electricity throughout the UK. The different companies own the infrastructure of towers and cables that bring the electricity to our homes and businesses.

Most people in the UK are familiar with the energy company they buy their electricity from, but are unaware of these companies make up the UK power network:

  • Generation- Power Plant, Wind Turbines, Solar Energy
  • Transmission- Operate high voltage transmission networks
  • Distribution- Via towers, cables and meters
  • Suppliers- Seller to the Big Six energy companiesy
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What is a power purchase agreement?

A solar power purchase agreement is a financing arrangement that allows businesses, government agencies and educational institutions to purchase solar electricity with no upfront capital cost.

How does a PPA work?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an arrangement in which a third-party developer installs, owns, and operates an energy system on a customer's property. The customer then purchases the system's electric output for a predetermined period.


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